UAV Pilot Training

UAV operations can be conducted under Part 101 or Part 102.  Various restrictions apply under Part 101, some of which can be lifted for an operator that is certificated under Part 102. A pilot certificate is useful for operations under Part 101, as that will enable operations within 4km of an aerodrome. CAA now requires a pilot certificate for operation under Part 102 and may also require an annual Operational Competency Assessment (OCA).

Do you have a current OCA and need a refresher course on UAS Aviation Law? We can help.

Are you not yet at the stage where you need all of the above, and just want to learn to fly your UAS? Our course in Basic Flight Training is just what you need.

Part 141 Certification

Aviation Safety Management Systems is a Part 141 Certificated Aviation Training Organisation. We have specific approval to conduct flight crew training and assess operational competency for unmanned aircraft operations.

Recent Announcements

24 April 2018

Upcoming Pilot Certificate Courses

Our next three courses are:
  • Christchurch, 18 & 19 June 2018
  • Wanaka, 3 & 4 July 2018
  • Auckland, 30 & 31 July 2018
Essential for pilots flying for a Part 102 certificated organisation and for operating within 4km of an aerodrome, these courses are always popular. Book now to reserve your place!

28 March 2018


ASMS is returning to Wanaka for a UAS Pilot Certificate course on 1-2 May.

This year we'll be based at the Warbirds & Wheel's Museum at Wanaka Airport.

This course has been heavily pre-sold, so there are only limited places available. Book now to reserve your place!

Photo: Course attendees plus tutor Heather Andrews, Wanaka, August 2017.