Remotely Piloted Aircraft Certificate

ASMS has partnered with Flight Test NZ Ltd to offer a Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot Certificate. Flight Test NZ Ltd is a CAA-approved Part 141 aviation training organisation, and is New Zealand’s largest pilot checking organisation serving pilots, training and aviation organisations since 1998.

Completion of the Certificate with an endorsement in RPA Aviation Law provides students with the knowledge and skills required to operate a remotely piloted aircraft under CAR Part 101. This endorsement provides the knowledge and skills allowing the pilot to ensure that they are aware of the airspace designation and any airspace restrictions in the intended area of operation, as required by CAR 101.12.

The Pilot Certificate in RPA Aviation Law also meets the requirements in 101.205(a)(3) for pilots of an RPA to hold, or be under the supervision of the holder of, a pilot qualification issued by an approved organisation if they are to operate a remotely piloted aircraft within 4km of any aerodrome. Course dates for the new year are yet to be confirmed. Anyone who is interested in attending a course, please send us an expression of interest and we will arrange dates and locations accordingly.