Tiro 360 Part 102 Certification

Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS) congratulates Tiro 360 Ltd on the award of Part 102 certification for their UAV operations. Tiro 360's mission is to transform industries with better information, using a range of technologies to deliver information products that are visually powerful, highly accurate and instantly usable.

Tiro 360 provides a broad range of services backed up by proven expertise, including:
  • topographic survey and mapping
  • crop health and precision agriculture
  • industrial inspection using specialised sensors
  • applied use of GIS for analysis, asset management, and modelling
  • data integration across multiple software and hardware platforms
  • avionics design and electronic engineering
If specialised equipment is needed for your job they can design, build, and fly it.

ASMS is pleased to have prepared Tiro 360's exposition and application for certification. Privileges available under the certificate include operating at night, over persons or property, and within low flying zones.