ASMS issues UAV Agricultural Rating

Warrick Funnell of AgDrone Ltd operates the DJI Agras MG-1S.
Source: NZ Herald.
Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd (ASMS) congratulates Warrick Funnell of AgDrone Ltd as the first recipient of a UAV Agricultural Rating.

The UAV Agricultural Rating enables the holder to engage in the aerial application of agrichemicals. The organisation must hold Part 102 certification with a privilege allowing the aerial application of agrichemicals, and the pilots flying for that organisation must hold a UAV Agricultural Rating.

Warrick Funnell says “There was no approved training syllabus / programme for the supervised flying and instruction to gaining our 102 Certificate. ASMS then put together a syllabus and went through the process of CAA approval.

We are very pleased to have had the guiding hand of ASMS and would recommend them as the best source of dealing with all aspects of 102 accreditation.”

The UAV Agricultural Rating course starts with the candidate demonstrating their ability to prepare spray plans that meet all regulatory and local authority requirements. The course then moves to the field where the candidate commences agrichemical operations under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Pre-requisites for the UAV Agricultural Rating course are an approved pilot qualification, a pilot chemical rating, and within the last 12 months having successfully passed a flight test on the make and model of UAV intended to be used for agrichemical application.

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