COBi Digital Productions Ltd

Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd (ASMS) congratulates Cobi Digital Productions Ltd (COBi Digital) on the establishment of its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations. ASMS is proud to have worked with COBi Digital to have developed best practice operational procedures.

COBi Digital ( is a Christchurch-based professional production company that specialises broadcast quality video production, corporate promotional videos and corporate photography. The video clip below is COBi Digital's 2012 Show Reel, showcasing the stunning quality of their video productions. More high quality videos and photographs are available on the Cobi Digital website.

COBi Digital Productions Ltd Show Reel 2012
Cobi Digital Productions Ltd Show Reel 2012

The entire production process involves script writing, interviewing talent, filming, editing, and producing the final product. COBi Digital’s UAS operations are conducted as part of the filming process, supplementing more traditional means of photography and videography, such as fixed cameras and modern go-pro camera systems. The use of a UAV means that unobtainable aerial shots can be shot without the use of cumbersome cranes and booms. The UAV also enables video to be shot from positions that are difficult to access and would otherwise be impossible to get safely. The UAV allows for camera panning and movement that is traditionally only possible with very technical and expensive mounted camera systems and or helicopters. Adopting the UAV system appeals as it has minimal noise and operational disruption to the environment, when compared to using a full size helicopter and or camera crane system.