ASMS Congratulates Northland Police

Members of New Zealand Police undergoing training.
Photo credit: Adam Kerr.
Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd congratulates Northland Police on the successful deployment of a drone on operations. As described in the linked news story, the drone enabled Police to track the driver of a stolen car as he ran across paddocks. Officers were then directed to the man’s location and were able to apprehend and arrest him. Northland Police also intend to use drones search and rescue operations, mapping crime scenes, and gathering evidence at serious car crashes.

The pilot had recently completed training with ASMS and had been awarded our UAS Pilot Certificate. As part of the ASMS course, pilots from law enforcement agencies receive additional training on the interaction between the Civil Aviation Act 1990, the Civil Aviation Rules, and the Search and Surveillance Act 2012. ASMS is the only CAA-approved training provider that is able to provide this additional training.

NZ Herald article: Drone used by Northland police for the first time